Do you need something but can't afford it?
Well let us help you while the funds are available
All we ask is that you too make a donation when you can
so that we can help someone else who's struggling.

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Unlike other groups we care about you and your recovery growth here.
With that in mind, we've been blessed to help spread the word by doing a great program called "HELP US HELP SOMEONE ELSE". This program was something that came to me one night a in 2001. Let me explain how this program got started, and works today and see if this doesn't make you feel the love here.

A while back a young lady came to me in the chatroom asking for help.  She was
on welfare, and coudn't get any reading or study materials to do the steps
with.  She had been to a few meetings, but because of her personal situation
she found that our chat room was the next best thing for her.  She told me that
night, she felt she was lacking something. She wanted to do the steps, and
begin her journey but couldn't afford to purchase the workbook or the big book
itself and asked if there was anything we could do to help her.

Well, I made a call to the guy upstairs and asked him how we could meet the
needs of not only this child, but the countless others out there who would
other wise not be able to have the material.

As I was reading thru some of my daily readings I stumbled accross the 7th
Tradition.  I'd read this countless times in the past, but something struck me
like a hammer hitting a nail this time. "Every A.A. group ought to be fully
self supporting". As I read this chapter in the 12 and 12, my eyes focused
on "You can't mix A.A and money. We have to separate the spiritual from
the material."  God gave me the answer that night, but the fear had kept me
from acting on it right then and there.

I knew that we as a whole could make it happen, but we'd have to follow GOD'S
law here, we couldn't use it but for one thing - HELPING EACH OTHER.  So I set
out to do some heavy praying about this.  Talked to several in my home group,
kicked the idea around with a few here and there, and asked what the group
thought about it.  I soon found out as we got a few love offerings sent to us.

From that day on I knew that this Group was being led in right direction by
the hand of something bigger and better than all of us combined. This was not
of my choosing or of my doing. This was a Higher Power reaching down and touching
souls and blessing them with that extra little bit to give back to the group
that ment so much to them.

For the longest time I wasn't sure how to use the little money that we got at
first.  But that too was answered, soon others had come to me asking for a
book, or other study aids.  And the program was born.

Today this program has helped spread the word, and carry the messages in
several countries and countless states here in the U.S. But none of this could
have been done if it were not for that very first night, and through the
love that is so genuinely shared here by everyone.

Now you too can help us help others by being there finacially for someone who
could not afford something themselves.  Together this program works. It's a WE
thing, together WE ARE making a difference, but WE can't do it alone.  We need
your help.  If you would like to send us your love offering please go to our donation
page and read how, or use our pay pal link on the lead page.