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Read Inspiring testimonials that have been sent in

Here are a few of the comments that our visitors said when we first opened out doors. To read more visit the Testimonial page

We had to remove our guest book when HTML GEARS closed it's doors. But this gives you an idea of the support we offered here on line back then, and still do today.

Aug. 27, 2001
Great site Lord Wolf, my compliments to you and your staff here.
Your section for the Ren Fair is great especially the links area.
Also checked out the Recovery Area loved the insporation letters
well done and again your rescources are outstanding here as well
But I really enjoyed talking to you and the others tonight thanks for
being here ment alot knowing someone was here when I need it.

Sept. 27, 2001
Saw your posting in the onelist at
It was well said and thanks for the conversation in the #Recovery Chat it was very
helpful. I'm now involved in with a local group here.
AA-Meeting-Room reader

Oct. 26, 2001
Man am I glad to have found your site and your recovery and 12
chat room. I was at an all time low today. But after talking with
Lord Wolf and listening to his advice I can face the rest of my
day.  thanks so very much for being here when I needed someone
 to talk with.
by the way you've got a great site, keep it up!

Nov 10, 2001

Hello all.....My name is Trish, and I am a drug addict and alcoholic.  I am
35, living in Kansas, and the mother to 6 beautiful boys.  Let me tell addictions have really screwed up my life, but today I am clean
and sober, so things can only get better!!

I am glad I ran across this group, and hope to gain some friendships and
support here!  You all have a beautiful day!


Nov 14,2001
Thanks to you and your staff in recovery,
I came in this morning looking to find some answers
and your staff gave me a phone number for alanon,
and suggested I look in my own phone book for Alanon.
Well a phone call later, I found a meeting in our area and
got the help I needed to help  my daughter with her addictions,
whats nice they have the Al-anon and AA meetings at the same
time in  the same building so we can go as a family.
She's now going to AA and I'm going to Al-anon, we wouldn't
have known where to turn if it were not for you and your staff.
Thanks again.

Nov, 17, 2001

I was in your room earlier this morning looking for help.
I spoke with Lord_Wolf and Bob and they were so very helpful to me.
I wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate the service, kindness
and help you provide all those coming into the room.

You are very wise to realize that not all towns are big enough to have
all the programs that are needed: AA, NA, SA, OA etc.... Having a place on
the internet allows those of us living in small towns to find the help we need
from caring, qualified people.

Lord_Wolf was able to give me encouragement and helped me to find a place to meet.
Thank you so very much!

Bless you all,

NOV 21, 2001
Dear Lord Wolf & RYTHYM:

        Sure was a pleasure talking to you and your wife in the recovery room.I got really inspired to help over this. Ome of my winter goals is to help with recovering alcoholics and as I was speaking to Sandi(hope thats right name?) your wife and with your suggestion it has really got me going to help people on line with problems as they relate to alanon. My life has been through lots of changes in sobriety dealing with
alcoholics, both recovering and not recovered. I was serious  about our discussion and am getting a new system next week so I can play even more this one is not mine, although my roomy bryan and I would like to thank you for the link to download mIRC.  I have e-mail errands to do etc.
So hopefully I will talk to you soon. Catch ya round and thanks for the cool setup on your site. Lots of work and is really cool ,cool cool  HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


APR 29, 2002
enjoyed the chat with fellow drunks, and addicts here in your chatroom. Keep up the good work guys.

MAY 17, 2002
This site is great, the people here are the most caring and
understanding people. If not for the wonderful people in the chat
room last night, I would be very regretful today. Thank you.

MAY 18, 2002
 lov this site is in existance have to work for a living and missing
meeting this is a decent substitute if not equal or even better just
dont know how it all work but just like na i have to keep coming
 back and ill get my clues and lern
sean - Australia

JUN 23, 2002
Enjoyed your site - nice to see others in recovdery on line.. had a ball in the chat room as well.
anig ogul

July 17, 2002
I really like what I have seen of your site so far.My husband is in NA and I am finding ways to support and help him. He lives in Washington right now so we can't be together. I'd like to attend some of the meetings with him so we can feel closer, but I need to coordinate our times.  I'm in the Central Time Zone and he is two hours behind me. and I don't know if he is in your time zone or we are both in different time zones.Can you help?

Aug 8, 2002
I just want to say thanks to those who were in the chatroom today.  A good friend pasted away this week, when I came in I was on the edge just hoping for an excuse to get drunk today.  But after talking to others in the room today, and being reminded of three simple questions ( is it my problem, can I change it, and do I need to owne it) I reliezed what it was I trying to - self distruct and blame myself for the actions of others.  So again let me say thanks to you all for being here once again for me.

i like talking on line with aa friend it nice to know that there some out
there that care thank you very much.  because of you i got 3 years clean and so dose my old
man your friend always.   betty

October 12
I am thankful and glad your web site is here. However I would like to find other sites thats are availiable 24/7 with live people in them.      If you could please recommend some I would be very grateful.

October 12
I found this site while searching the web for a place to have a meeting. Sometimes, which in the time frame I mention, there weren't any meetings going on so I decided to look for the heck of it. With, at the time 10 years of sobriety, you would think a person can be OK all the time. This isn't always true and I needed someone to chat with. With God's grace I found this site and there were people in the chatroom who welcomed me. Immediately I felt at home. Bob was there and helped me get familiar with the chatroom situation and ways to get to this site, as I was unfamiliar with chatrooms at the time. I relocated and haven't visited the site for a while but came back last night for the first time in a couple of months, and guess what, I felt right at home 'again', I was welcomed by a few people who remembered me and we chatted just like in a AA meeting, and nothing makes this alcholic feel better than a meeting. I celebrated 11 years during my couple months away, and believe me this site helps. cefer

I have agorophobia and find it hard to leave the house so i sometimes need to share or hear another addict to know i'm not alone.  Just wanted to say Thank You for all your hard work.  Alice

Thank you I thought I was alone, I will recover this time, and stick to it thank you for being here for me.  I have a short story, thould I had everything in control, but I have to stay sober or I feel I will go crazy. My family tries to help but I need to do this one day at a time  if others can do it I can too!
sincerly Sharon


November 5
 Hey Gang ,Thanks for being there.I really enjoy reading the post,s and seeing all of the interest in recovery.Im just learning about this group and how to navigate this site.I like what ive seen so far and keep up the good work!!Russy_v

November 9
I just want you to know that I think you guys/gals are simply AWESOME!!!  I'm so glad I found you and hope that you will continue to tolerate ME!!!  I look forward to reading the E-mails and love the chatroom as my schedule permits.  I work in a long-term treatment center--the one where I finally "got it"!! God is good and He made sure my hardheaded behind found my way here....THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO!!! With warmest regards and much admiration and heaping amounts of love for my new family---your "red-headed" stepchild, Sue~aka flowerchild :-)

November 11
I want to thank you for the love and support you give to others through this site. It is a true blessing to all who are in recovery, new and old!  Lee

November 11
I got to this site while working and getting extremely squirrley and agitated.  My thinking gets me in a great deal of trouble, in short, I make myself as miserble as possible.  Well, I succeeded today, and here I am.  I feel wonderful just knowing there are others out there.

Deb j.

Jan 29, 2003
as an addict in recovery i would like to say that my journey has been a rewarding one.  from despair and loneliness to hope and spiritual enlightment.  to all of my brothers and sisters who read this message, I thank you for your being there in my hour of darkness. Because of you I am once again in the light of a loving God and on the road to recovery.

Jan 30, 2003
THANKS TO THE STAFF.   I was having a bad day the other day and it was a blessing for me to have some time with of like minded people.  The ES&H was waht I really needed

Jan 30, 2003
Thank you for being here for all of us now we have a place to come to, to get our fix at any time we need day or night.
 Thank you,

Need some help... well click right here and join a great support group on line. Meet some new friends and laugh a little. They hold nightly meetings at 10 pm eastern 9 central, 8 mountain, 7 pacific.