We here at 12-steps-recovery.com wish to thank you for stoping by our site and we encourage you to make yourself at home not only here at our site, but in a great chat room as well. We have provided a link to Meetings On Line for you below.

Our goal here is a rather simple one in nature. And that is to be a friend to you, and your family when ever you should need help.

Many people have come here hoping to find help and support. Some come looking for a temporary sponsor on line. If this is you, please read our section on sponsors first.

Our members are always willing to lend you the help you need. We may not be able to work a miracle, but we can always give you our suggestions to a problem using our own personal experiences.

Together we can solve many situations just by sharing them with others in the program who've walked that road before us. We hope that you will allow us the opportunity now to help you and your family as you now begin your journey towards recovery . 

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