Evolution of this site

First let me welcome you to our domain.  I'm Bob your host and webmaster here at 12-steps-recovery.com
This domain was created Oct 19th 2003, the information you'll find here has been gathered form various places on the net and through many friends with in the program.  We hope you'll enjoy your stay and please come back often as we continue to bring you information that can assist you and your family in thier personal recovery efforts.  We are always looking for suggestions to improve upon this site, and to add to it so if you can help us please feel free to contact us today and share your thoughts and ideas.



There's a wide selection of  Recovery Chat rooms that have been in existence on various irc servers for a number of years.  The original creators opened these rooms as far back as the early 80s,  and some even earlier.  They were all opened as a way of helping others find friends in the many programs available such as A.A, N.A., S.A., S.L.A. and O.A. and other 12 step groups. 

Over the years many of these rooms have come and gone by the way side.  Some of these  rooms have had several who've given back to the programs by taking charge of the room as the original members would leave.  Some of these old timers and rooms  have sence left the world of IRC and the internet but thier legacy still remains today. 

Our original chat room was one of the many. As the net evolved, many of our members drifted away. We hated to see this happen, and we knew that others would soon replace them with time.

We went from a private "one on one" support room to a multiple meeting type room. We offered several meetings through out the week here.  In addition we incorperated an Alanon room called 12steps_Alanon as part of our ever growing family of support. As many rooms have come and gone, ours has remained providing help to those in AA and NA alike. For many this was the only way  to find the courage to speak out about the disease and addiction that was taking place behind closed doors. It allowed our visitors a means to ask questions, and get an inside look at the programs themselves by coming to our on line meetings held each night.

Our founder Lordwolf, who was an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous in the Northern California area, moved to Michigan  to be with his new wife. As a result of the move he walked away from the program, and suffered a major relapse himself .  After attending a local face to face meeting, he descided to open the support room here on line in an effort to find others in the program, where one would not be shunned or ridiculed for having  had a relaps and so 12steps was born.

His goal was to create a working room that those who joined could call home with a home group atmospher.  Today we take pride in continuing that original dream and we welcome you to experience our loving family of recovering friends today by joining our egroup. We still carry the message today to those who are suffering from the disease called addiction.

WE understand what it is like because our members are all active members of AA and NA 12 step programs.  We are here to help you in any way we can.

We wish to remember all those who walked before us and thank each of them for being there in helping us to establish our room here on line even tho it long since gone today. For with out these fine folks we could not have done what we do today amd every day. And that's carrying the message of hope to our visitors. Come join us now and experience today's new members as we join in fellowship with one another on line in chat. We have provided a link to a great bunch who now carry that torch of hope just like we did in the beginning. Come share your experiences, strengths and hopes for a better tomorrow and a sober today.


We know that not everyone likes to chat on line.  For those who perfer to read and share thier personal Experiences, Strengths and Hopes via email,  we offer you a chance to join us in our own Egroup called Recovery_Chat.  The egroup was creaated on Oct 28, 2001.  Since then  it has grown in number and in experiences thanks to our open style posting by it's many members from around the world.  At Recovery_Chat you can share your personal stories with our members and gain feedback as well via your email.  

The egroup allows for those who don't like to chat an oppertunity to have a voice with others and we now encouage you to come join us as a member.  There's no fee for membership here, only a willingness to remain sober and free from your personal addictions.  To join us now at Recovery_Chat send an email to 
Recovery_Chat-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Recovery_Chat  today.