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Congrats~ you got thru the resentment list.   But as you'll see, you are not done yet there's still more work ahead of us.  We just got that treasure chest out of the hole and dusted off.  Now let's look for the keys to open it up.

We left off on pg 67 at the bottom paragraph.  This section starts a brand new inventory The Fear Inventory.  So read this paragraph, a few times and look hard again for those hidden instructions.

Here bill is talking about the list on pg 66.  And mr.. brown. - remember in the cause area, mr. Brown told on this person to his wife.. starting off an avalanche of fear.  and then he listed that He may get his job.  This was in his resentment list, but it also a part of his list as well because the FEAR was the catalyst for the resentments.  So we once again, use the same method to list our fears.  Now, if you didn't realize that, you'd missed it entirely.  Many sponsors get their sponsee's confused when it comes to that collum in the book and now you can see why.  That's why we have to have someone who Know's this program and who's worked all these steps correctly to help us with them.  So let's get this list going.

We List the Names,
I have my people write out the names on seperate pages once again using the "names list" and if they need to they can add to that list of names as they go through this.  Often this is the case when we do a thorough inventory.

Once they have the names done, and the names are on each sheet again then we look at the book to see what's next. 

We listed the names, even if there was no resentment attached to them... we were afraid of them for what ever reason it didn't matter.  Fights, yelling, people and places we owed money to.  If you can name it and you're worried about it, or you're afraid of it put it down.  List all these people, places, and things qualify for this list.

Then we asked ourselves why we had them - (the feeling of fear)

Again, bill gives an overview of the problem here, and then breaks it down so read carefully.
Self reliance didn't fully solve the fear problem or any other it made us cocky and it was worse as a result.
We are NOT ten feet tall and bullet proof anymore though we once thought we were.

Next we looked to see, What part of it was ours to own..
use the same choices as before once again..

Our next instruction - deals with fixing it.
We trust in God rather than our finite selves. We pray about our fears now.
(a lot of sponsers tell us to use the Serenity Prayer for this one as we identify the fear.)

He enables us to match calamity with serenity - remember we are no longer the director today He is.
We now start to develop courage to do things, and we can face our fears with his help daily.
The more we practice this, the less the fear will have a grip over us.
Sounds easy doesn't it, it just takes some practice.
But in time, you'll feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Then we read, Instead (of being afraid) we let HIM demonstrate, through us, what HE CAN DO.
We ask HIM to remove our fear and direct our attention to what HE WOULD HAVE US BE.

At this point, it was suggested to me to put down in writing the things I could change in me about that fear.  How to over come it more and be stronger if faced with it again.  That helped me emencely.  I also went thru the resentment list listing what I had learned from it, and how I could be better in reguards to those names there as well. 

Now, the reason why we do this is simple.  When we are working on our list, we have a tendancy to be all depressed because up until this point, all we're looking at is the negatives.  But don't forget we have that good stock too.  We just need to front face it, and fill in the holes in that shelf with new products. Thats where the changes come into play.  We're adding stock to our store.

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