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On our page, it should have the names, the cause, and how it affected us. 

As I said, most will stop here, and not go further with it.  But if we continue to read pg 66 it tells us when we harbor the feelings of anger, we shut ourselves off from the sunlight of the spirit - Bill's way of saying God. Remember bill was taught not to repeat words if he could; And this is yet one more example of that.

The insanity of alcohol returns and we drink again... i.e. we relapse time and time again.  And with us to drink is to die.  Know, is a great place to say this to you.  Bill has a habbit of identifying the problem, giving you an over view of it, and then goes into detail on how to fix that problem. At the end, he recaps its all just to drive that point home again.  So keep that in mind when you read these last paragraphs on this page you'll see what I mean.

Now our next set of instructions is in the last 2 paragraph on this page. 
I'm going to pull out the meat for you here.

We turned back to the list.. and do what?
We began to look at it from an entirely different angle.
We began to see how the "anger" dominated us fancied or real it had power to actualy kill.
We could not wish them away.. (self will again) any more than alcohol.

THIS WAS OUR COURSE.... here we go again new instructions.
We realized that the people who wronged us were perhaps "spiritually sick" - remember that word
it will be used through out the book now.

On pg 67 we start how to "change the things we can"
Our next set of instructions to work on daily:

"We ask God to help us show them the same tolerance pity and patience that we would cheerfully grant a sick person".   I tell my sponsee's to imagine them with an oxegen tube in thier nose, and they only have 72 hrs to live.  Now ask yourself is that anger really that important today?.
We avoid retaliation, and we avoid argumetns.  We wouldn't treat sick people that way.

Now dig out your list once again...
We start to work on our "4th collum"
(again this wasn't shown to us, but the instructions tell us to do this)
We looked for our own mistakes - where had we been....
we tried to disregard th otehr person involved entirely.

So our next area that we put pen to paper is WHERE AM I AT FAULT IN THIS
We admitted our wrongs "honestly, and were WILLING to set these matters straight."


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