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save your inventory, get help, and be honest about it - don't leave anything or anyone out.

You will here this short story a lot at meetings:
The 4th is like emptying a trash can.  We can pull off the first layer with no trouble. It's when we fail to get the crap that's stuck at the bottom we run into trouble. I like saying a banana peel myself.  Cause we all know what that looks like and smells like.  That's the most rotten thing we've done in our life and we swore would go to the grave with us.  Well if you don't get that on paper, guess what's coming up to bite ya?  You guessed it.  Its that banana peel.  That one item will take you back out faster than anything so be sure to put that done first - rigorous honesty remember.

Ok, so let's look at the book together. open to page 64.  Now some will have you do a prayer for honesty with this step.  I do with my sponsee's, because we're now relying on a power greater than us to get to the truth with their help. Again, it's implied not written.

Next, we do what.. Hint a store owner does it.   Answer Good stock and bad stock inventory.  So, lets do it by the book.  Grab some paper, and starting listing your good qualities first. What people like about you.  When you get done, list the bad things they don't like.  Notice something there?  Our Good stock is what we "think" they like about us.  We haven't a clue unless we walked up to them and asked.  This is why we say, we can con ourselves with this step real fast. When we look at the bad stock, that list is often shorter gee wonder why. But unless we did this part, we'd never see how easy it is to do a half measure with this.  Here again, many sponsors over look this part and they jump right in and say ok so the columns

Now read the last paragraph on pg 63
highlight "from it stems all forms of What... Spiritual disease.. for we have been not only what... mentally and physically ill we have been spiritually sick

Here comes our next set of intructions:
We listed what... people  institutions (places) or principles (what's a principle... ideas) with whom we were angery.  

So, we do this one at a time

people first.. easy
wait you forgot one.. YOURSELF.
Don't forget your sponsor and me lol.

Institutions (places)
Wal-mart and Kmart on black friday's - that will make anyone want to drink!
Jails ect.

Principles (things  & ideas we live by)
speed limits
time changes
rules and regulations
the things we can't change
Way meetings are run

And you thought this was going to be easy!!! 
Ok, now this may or may not take a couple days to get everyone on this list. I tell my people, keep a small notebook with you at all times now.  As something pops in your head jot it down. and a one liner about that thing. yo'll need it when we go on.

Ok remember when we were talking about our "LIST", well this is it.  In a moment, I'm going to show you what the sponsor's were telling you what to burn. That's on the next page.

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